Photo by Jeremy Lurgio

The Intern Link program connects people wanting to learn how to farm or ranch with experienced producers willing to share their expertise. The typical arrangement involves an exchange of labor for room, board, a stipend, and intensive training and experience in farming.

Farm internships may provide opportunities for training in:

  • Vegetable, herb, and flower production at many different scales
  • Marketing techniques, including direct marketing strategies
  • Livestock production, including cattle, goats, sheep, horses, pigs, and poultry
  • Dairy farming and cheese making with cows, goats, or sheep
  • Seed saving
  • Making value-added products
  • Grass-based and intensive rotational grazing farm systems

These and many other diverse opportunities are available across Montana.

Participants in the Intern Link program will also have access to intern-focused field days held in Western Montana and conflict resolution services through the Community Dispute Resolution Center.  In addition, the Community Food & Agriculture Coalition offers business planning workshops each winter and other resources that may add to your internship experience.

Note: We use the term “intern” to talk about any kind of farm employee – short-term, seasonal, or year-round interns, apprentices, and other staff. Our use of the term “intern” does not necessarily relate to the US Department of Labor’s definition of an intern and each opportunity is specific to the farm that’s listing it.